Promote your business to hotel guests

Promote your business with and be seen by tourists as they relax and plan their day from the comform of their hotel room


​ is a tourism focused directory service.  Our service is promoted through local accommodation providers only directly to hotel guests in their rooms.

​Your business is in the tourism and hospitality industry, and your customers can see you.  Advertising is locally based which means guests will see the businesses within the region they stay.


​Guests visit on their computer or mobile device and search for local eateries, shopping, tours and other local attractions. 

​No commissions!

​We don't ask for commissions either.  You simply pay a small annual listing fee per region.

​Accommodation providers

​If you are an accommodation provider and you want to display our tent cards and flyers in your rooms, please contact us and we will send them to you for free.  We know your guests will appreciate it.

​To advertise with us simpliy complete the advertising form and one of our team will contact you.

Your region isn't listed?

We are expanding the regions all the time.  If your region isn't listed, simply contact us and we will create your region.

We got your message and will be in touch soon.